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Learning about Shona and Ndebele Languages with Yeve from Philisacreatives

Learning about Shona and Ndebele languages may be a creative way to approach linguistics, especially when you want to learn other languages. When I sat down with Yeve Sibanda from Philisacreatives, she mentioned how valuable a book about Shona and Ndebele is for any bilingual learner. In her recent book, My First Book of Shona and Ndebele languages, she explains the essential parts of knowing…

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Core4Parenting Language Development Skills

Core4Parenting sat down with Spanish4Kiddos to talk about how to help parents with language development skills. Cara Tyrrell, the founder of Core4Parenting, describes who she helps parents with skills that children need even as babies. I talked with Cara about the many ways she uses her programs to help parents.

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Spanish Safari

Spanish Safari Language Learning App

Spanish Safari is a fun language app for kids. Your students and kids can use a personal device to play interactive games while learning Spanish. The app encourages children to develop Spanish as they transition from one level to another. So, I asked Keli Garcia Allen about Spanish Safari and how children best learn Spanish with this app. 

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Sing and Speak Spanish: A Virtual Learning Experience

Sing and Speak Spanish, a language program in San Diego, California, is an ideal way to learn Spanish in a virtual setting. As many schools and homeschool groups go virtual, learning via a computer is not new. Many language programs use technology like apps, computers, and live sessions to teach Spanish. Sing and Speak Spanish includes a fun way to add music and learning into…

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Bicultural Mama

Bicultural Mama interview

Meet Maria Wen Adcock from Bicultural Mama and learn how important bilingualism is at home.

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Hispanic culture

Teaching children about Hispanic culture

Hispanic culture is fun and educational when teaching children about it. It opens up the window of opportunity to learn more than Hispanic culture. They learn about famous Hispanic writers, cultural arts, and folklore music. In teaching Hispanic culture to children, it is always best to learn it from the source. However, when it’s almost impossible to accomplish, there are other alternatives. Teaching them about…

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Children reading books

Bilingual education in elementary schools

Bilingual education in elementary schools is slowly integrating foreign language programs. Whereas high schools already have foreign language programs in place, elementary schools are still trying to educate their students in languages other than English. Spanish, Mandarin, and other foreign languages are making the way into school systems and parts of the bilingual education in the United States. Yet, much needs to be done.

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Educational book review: Learning about Annie Fox and the adventures of Raymond and Sheila

Independence of young children is not described in a manual. And, definitely, there are no specific rules. Parents and educators are puzzled how to educate children and show them how to express their feelings. And sometimes it’s not easy. Expression of feelings for some children is a new adventure. Many young children can easily express happiness and enthusiasm. Yet, there are some who attempt to…

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Book review: Chloe and Cookie’s Chemo Tips by Mayra Aburto

It’s not everyday you get to read books about cancer and how it affects millions of people, young and old. When I read Chloe and Cookie’s Chemo Tips by Mayra C. Aburto, I learned so much about this disease and its impact on patients. With more than 30 delightful and humorous tips, you can also learn the way cancer affects the immune system, physical appearance,…

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