Dr. Seuss Reading Week for Bilingual Learners

Dr. Seuss reading week is a fantastic time to read books by Dr. Seuss and other titles. Promoting literacy in this way engages your bilingual readers to learn about different topics. Besides having a great way to incorporate reading, take this time to add after-reading activities.  

Dr. Seuss Reading Week Ideas

For example, you can create activities like puzzles, word matching, or even hand painting. However, you don’t have to stop at these activities. You can also add language skills and math literacy.

For instance, you can use a Cat in the Hat story and use the hat as a tool to practice letters or numbers. You can also use parts of the text or another story to look for prepositions or transitions between events.

This approach can encourage your bilingual readers to engage with the text while having fun reading.

  • Another fun Dr. Seuss reading week idea is to use a week of events.
  • Create different days of reading books and plan activities after reading.
  • For instance, you can use unscramble word puzzles or create various colors of items from a book.
  • Other ideas can include watching a video of your favorite book, cooking a special treat, or decorating a signature letter. 

Fun Dr. Seuss Reading Week Tips

  • Get more ideas with the Dr. Seuss Reading Week schedule.
  • You can use the weekly schedule to plan different events and readings too. 
  • Also, to add more diverse types of books, you can include other children’s authors.
  • For instance, check out these episodes as the authors share their journeys and books.
  • Then, read more about their interviews on the following pages.  

Listen to these amazing children’s authors as part of Dr. Seuss reading week:

Shoshona Chaim and “I am A Peaceful Goldfish” Children SEL Tips Spanish4Kiddos

Arlene Steinberg and “Room for One More” Developing Lasting Friendships Spanish4Kiddos

Isai Gutierrez and “Miguel Goes to Eagle School” Learning to Follow Your Dreams Spanish4Kiddos

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