Spanish Safari Language Learning App

Spanish Safari is a fun language app for kids. Your students and kids can use a personal device to play interactive games while learning Spanish.

The app encourages children to develop Spanish as they transition from one level to another. So, I asked Keli Garcia Allen about Spanish Safari and how children best learn Spanish with this app. 

Learning about Spanish Safari

Tell readers a bit about Learn Safari. Who created? Is this based in the US or somewhere else? 

Learn Safari is a start-up made of teachers, developers, and designers from all over the world who have come together to create apps to educate and inspire children.

Our first app, Spanish Safari, is aimed at helping children 3 to 9 years old learn, practice, and love Spanish.

How did the app get started and what is the educational concept? 

My journey began a little over six years ago when I worked as a High School Spanish Teacher. At the same time, I was also freelancing as a translator. Tanvir, the Learning Spanish CEO, invited me for an interview after working on one of the sites.

After that, I met Tanvir, who lives in Australia, explained that he wanted to create an app to help children learn Spanish. We had only a rudimentary idea (that has progressed and changed so much over the years!), but we hit it off and have been working together (virtually) ever since!

Spanish Safari uses storytelling, gradual immersion, spaced repetition, and games to teach Spanish in a fun, interactive way. Children aren’t just passive observers.

They want to participate, make choices and demonstrate what they are learning.

Spanish Safari

Creating Fun Learning with the Learn Safari App

Do you create your different levels on the app? How does this help kids learn Spanish? 

Spanish Safari uses gradual immersion so that children, even those who have absolutely no background in the language, can comfortably navigate the game and learn from the characters.

The narrative advances through each of the five levels, increasing Spanish knowledge and introducing children to new and increasingly complex vocabulary.

How many levels does your app have available? What are your future plans for the app? 

The app has four published levels, and we plan to release level five in the upcoming months.

Also, Spanish Safari will include videos from the Spanish Safari Show and worksheets. We are beginning to work on a Dojo where kids can practice grammar, vocabulary, and phonics. 

Learn More

About the Co-Founder of Spanish Safari:

Keli Garcia Allen is a co-founder and the Head of Education of Learn Safari. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she received a B. A. in History and an M. A. in Latin American Studies.

After graduation, Keli became a certified teacher and taught high school and elementary school Spanish. She is a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful girls, who have inspired her in this journey of teaching and exploring language. 

You can learn more about Spanish Safari on their website at Learn Safari.

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