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Bilingual Reading Ideas and STEM Summer Challenges

Bilingual reading ideas can encourage your kids to keep on learning over the summer. While the summer is a wonderful time to relax, boredom can quickly happen.

Often, the loss of learning occurs more frequently than you might realize. The good news is that you can prevent learning loss during the summer with fun bilingual activities. 

Bilingual Reading Ideas

While bilingual reading may not be on every kid’s mind during the summer, taking the time to read does help. If you’re not familiar with the term summer slide, this phenomenon occurs every year.

Teachers have to spend two or three weeks reteaching what the kids learned the prior year. Although a review is a great way to refresh ideas, spending too much time reteaching takes away from other fun learning activities. 

Get Kids Excited About Summer Reading

You can get kids excited about summer reading!

You might think that your kids read enough. However, they may not always be engaged in reading.

  • One way to get them excited about summer reading is to create various reward systems.
  • For example, you can create rewards for most books read or use a summer book bingo.
  • That way, your kids can keep track of how many books they read.
  • Another fun option is to use a reward treasure chest or box.
  • Place several fun toys that kids can pick from the chest.
  • You can determine the number of books they need to read to redeem the reward. 

Encourage Kids To Read Over the Summer

Have you visited your local library recently with your kids? Take them on a trip to the library.

Then, select books together or ask your kids to select their books. With your guidance, they can choose fun books to read.

You don’t have to choose picture books. For instance, you can select pop-up books, silly rhyming stories, or books turned into movies. 

Participate in Summer Story Times or Events

While at the library, check out the library programs. Many Spanish activities for kids start with summer storytimes.

Sometimes, libraries will post schedules of events. Use those schedules to plan ahead.

Other ways to participate in summer storytimes are virtual. Check YouTube or live sessions on social media for Spanish read-aloud storytimes.

Also, see if your local community has events for families or kids like carnival or festival days. 

bilingual summer ideas

Other Bilingual Reading Ideas

Even when you plan outdoor events, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Take the time to read bilingual stories together.

For example, you can easily create a cozy reading corner and read bilingual books. Other bilingual reading ideas to do indoors are to join virtual summer reading camps or challenges. 

Join a Bilingual STEM Camp

When kids join a bilingual STEM camp, they learn more than reading. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Perhaps, you might know about the term.

But, did you know kids that enroll in a STEM program develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving? Otherwise, kids that don’t enroll in any reading or STEM program lose that capability to think critically through problems and seek solutions.

  • Not all STEM camps offer the same benefits of learning.
  • For example, look for classes that contain reading along with a STEM activity.
  • The STEM activity needs to be age-appropriate and integrates any of the STEM topics.
  • However, STEM activities are not just hands-on projects.
  • These activities encourage kids to experiment with objects to think scientifically to come up with solutions.

So, join in a bilingual STEM camp to spark that curiosity in your kids. 

Sign Up for a Local Summer Camp

As much as STEM camps are valuable options for kids, summer camps are also great alternatives. When kids attend camp in-person or virtually, they are more apt to learn about nature, teamwork, and critical thinking.

For instance, a local summer camp integrates various learning skills. Kids use math, engineering, and arts to develop projects while working with other students.

Besides mental practice, some local summer camps offer physical activities like canoeing, swimming, and sports. 

Take Part in Fun Summer Challenges

If you’re unsure if your kids would love a bilingual STEM, reading, or summer camp, take a summer challenge. These fun mini-classes can give you an insight into what an actual camp is.

That is, summer challenges are short classes that you can do online. Participating in virtual learning might be the best for your kids that want a relaxed pace.

Besides, summer challenges can give you a sample of activities, reading, or other valuable information you need before taking on a complete course. 

In summary, bilingual reading ideas for the summer can vary depending on what you want your kids to do. Maybe you want them to read to avoid the summer slide.

Then, bilingual reading programs are ideal for young learners. However, you want them to learn critical thinking skills.

You might want to try a bilingual STEM class. Whichever you choose will encourage your kids to become active participants in their learning. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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