Community Helpers Activities for Bilingual Preschoolers

Community helpers activities can supplement any bilingual lesson in preschool. Whether you teach about the hard work of first responders, police officers, mail carriers, and other public service positions, develop fun activities to learn.

Many of your students will interact with different informational text about careers in the community or public service. So, use community helpers activities already present in bilingual areas. 

Importance of Community Helpers for Preschoolers

Why do preschoolers, especially ELL or bilingual students, need to realize the importance of community helpers? One of the best ways to identify careers in the community is to recognize those public service professions.

From firefighters to police officers to first responders, these and many public servants risk their lives every day. Perhaps, your bilingual preschoolers encounter these careers in the community all the time.

Of course, students see their teacher in schools teaching and helping others. In this way, teaching about community helpers supports how students see these jobs in society.

Knowing about the different ways community helpers serve in their neighborhoods helps them to realize how each job is essential to keep everyone safe. 

Community helpers activities

Activities for Bilingual Preschoolers

Consider a list of careers in the community relevant to your neighborhood. Regardless of whether you want to include plenty of community helpers into your lesson, keeping a brief list is probably the best for bilingual preschoolers.

In that way, your activities will be short and concise.

  • If you don’t have too much time between lessons and activities, minimize your list of community helpers to 7 – 10 terms.
  • One example might be to add these terms to a word wall, bulletin board of pictures, or anchor charts.
  • As you proceed with the activities, you can always refer back to these words.
  • Another community helpers activity is to use various bilingual books and videos about careers.
  • Of course, depending on the grade level, you could use writing prompts to encourage thinking about each job and function.
  • Other fun ways to add community helpers activities is to use informational text and a follow-up activity.
  • For instance, use a cube template of six common careers like teachers, police officers, or first responders.
  • Then, use bingo cards of tools or vehicles to identify each job in the community.

Understanding Careers in the Community

Whether you complete the activity after the reading or not, helping your students identify each specific characteristic is essential. Each community helper assists with different jobs in the community.

Talking about the function of careers in the community and symbols to recognize them is necessary for your students. Most likely, they see these symbols around their cities.

For example, if they cross the street, students stop a corner and see a traffic light. Perhaps, but not always, they see a police officer direct traffic to make sure pedestrians cross the street safely.

Also, students see mail carriers deliver packages at home or place letters in their mailboxes. These community helpers and others serve our communities to keep people safe and maintain peace. 

Community helpers activities encourage understanding of different jobs where students live. From police officers to mail carriers, community helpers have various functions.

So, encourage your students to read and interact with the informational text to learn about careers in the community. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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