Farm Animals Names in Spanish

The topic of farm animals is a great learning experience for preschoolers and young children. Farm animals are easy to understand and visualize.

Preschoolers can learn about farm animals in many ways. They can learn about how they live and what they do.

Even though these animals provide us with so much, we can also teach preschoolers about kindness to animals. Without providing too much shocking detail, we can also talk about animal cruelty.

More importantly, animals from farms teach children about how they can give us food, clothing, and even community. It can also teach preschoolers the many different places on Earth.

farm animals names in Spanish

For instance, cows give us milk, meat, and leather. Horses provide us with transportation while hens give us eggs.

Although there may not be farms where children live, lesson planning can make it aware for children to realize what a farm is. You can teach about farms with pictures, books, stories, songs, and learning activities. Hence, any preschool curriculum often will include a theme on farm animals or farms.

The possibilities are endless when you want to incorporate farm animals in your lessons. Keeping it simple and short, a lesson can bring wonders to preschoolers.

farm animals

Learning Tips to Teach Farm Animals

Singing songs like Old MacDonald’s had a Farm, Five little ducks, and other fun rhymes, they can bring a farm for children to assimilate farm animal sounds with each respective animal. Children can have fun identifying each animal.

You can also use finger puppets to show where each farm animal lives. For example, the pigs like to live in the mud while the duck likes to splash in the water.

There are also numerous stories about farm animals, which can be used with flannel boards. You can also use felt characters to tell the story.

For the more adventurous homeschool mom or schoolteacher, a field trip to a farm is educational and fun. Although it can take details to plan a field trip, it can also provide a real-life lesson about animals at the farm.

The following is a great list of how these animals can provide us with so much:

  • cow = vaca – milk, food, leather
  • hen = gallina – eggs, food
  • pig = cerdo – food
  • horse = caballo – transportation
  • sheep = oveja – wool
  • rooster = gallo – alarm
  • duck = pato – food
  • goat = cabra − milk, transportation
  • dog = perro – protection
farm animals

Animals in farms give us so much: food, clothing, and protection. They also teach preschoolers about how different species live in the community.

This is a great lesson to learn. Preschoolers can learn how each animal has its own function yet they still live together in a barn or farm.

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