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Fun learning activities – Careers

Fun learning activities like learning careers can be more than educational. It opens up the opportunity for children to learn about what jobs are done in the community.

This fun learning activity also encourages children to explore careers. In doing a job, sometimes children may not be aware of dangers or hazards that grown-ups do. What are some fun activities you can use in the classroom to learn about careers?

fun learning activities careers

Fun learning activities in careers also boosts the knowledge of children in certain areas not seen in their communities. For instance, a child may not see a construction worker in his or her neighborhood, but he or she may see teachers.

In societies where resources are lost or communities are devastated by nature, children can explore careers not seen before. For example, a firefighter can be seen saving a house or building on fire.

In these fun learning activities about careers, you’ll be able to present jobs in the community, reading, and vocabulary in Spanish and English.

What are fun learning activities to start engaging students in learning careers?

teachers = maestras/maestros

police officers = policía

administrators = administradores

construction worker = constructor de trabajo or trabajador (trabajadora) de construcción

crossing guard = guardia de cruce

nurse = enfermera/enfermero

doctor = doctora/doctor

cook = cocinera/cocinero

firefighter = bombero

astronaut = astronauta

Fun learning activity #1:

Notice the career names or labels are nouns. This means that in Spanish there is a gender difference.

For instance, either mister or misses distinguish teacher terms in English. But in Spanish, a gender is used.

Female teacher is maestra and male teacher is maestro. Notice that female noun ends in –a and masculine noun ends in –o.

If you need additional help to refresh gender nouns, make sure to visit: Learning Spanish basic grammar.

You can also use the free Writing Practice worksheet to trace and write the different Spanish and English careers.

Fun learning activity #2:

You can use the free Careers in the Community worksheet to play several educational games. Simply print out the sheets.

Then, cut them out. You can paste them onto cardstock paper or construction paper.

Once you have enough cards, simply play a memory game of matching. You can also use the labels to match picture with either English or Spanish career terms.

fun learning activity careers

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Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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