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Spanish children books to learn new vocabulary

Reference books are wonderful learning tools for any learner in Spanish. Not only are picture dictionaries educational, but also they are great books to incorporate reading. Beginning readers in Spanish can find picture wordbooks an excellent source of vocabulary. Building a vocabulary is essential in learning a new language.

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What are some picture books adequate for preschoolers or beginners in Spanish?

Picture dictionaries or wordbooks need to be colorfully illustrated. For preschoolers, pictures can be worth a thousand words. And picture wordbooks are a great resource for early readers for their simplicity to read and to assimilate common words.

Here are five Spanish picture books that children can learn new vocabulary.

“Mi letras favoritas” by Margarita Robleda

Learning the Spanish alphabet is more fun when in poetic form. And this storybook presents new words with pictures and rich vocabulary. From A to Z, this word dictionary is an entertaining way to learn Spanish. This book is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9706908080

“Diccionario ilustrado” by Felicia Law and Paula Knight

Theme learning is a wonderful way to introduce new vocabulary to children. This picture dictionary presents common Spanish words in a thematic format. From animals to colors to toys, this book illustrates very simple concepts. It is a great learning tool for preschoolers learning Spanish. This book is adequate for children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 842411647X

“Los Deportes y Los Juegos” by Mary Berendes

Children adore playing games and sports. So in this picture book, common sports like basketball, soccer, or tennis are introduced. In learning Spanish words, this book associates items and words. More importantly, these words are shown in Spanish and English. It also includes additional resources. This workbook is appropriate for children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9781592968022

“La Escuela” by Mary Berendes

What’s a typical day in school? This picture book shows, with its illustrations and simple vocabulary, a common school day. From riding the bus to playing on the playground to art class, this book depicts how busy school can be. It also includes additional resources. This workbook is adequate for children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9781592969944

“Las Acciones” by Mary Berendes

How to explain verbs to children can be a challenge. But they are merely actions. In this picture book, several scenes are presented. In each, 6 to 9 actions are depicted along with words in Spanish and English. This is a great way to associate the subject with a verb. This workbook is appropriate for children ages 4 and up.

ISBN: 9781592969876

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children Books. And read them with your kids. Add them to your home library today.

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