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Spanish Sports Vocabulary Games for Bilingual Learners

Spanish sports vocabulary is an ideal way to increase the learning of new words. With different themes, you can quickly introduce new terms.

As students become familiar with new concepts, you can add games or activities to increase word retention. Of course, you can implement other instructional strategies, but using quick and easy Spanish mini-lessons can serve as warm-ups or review.

In that way, you might reduce boredom between students and increase engagement in the classroom. 

List of Spanish sports vocabulary

As with any new list of Spanish words, create a list of words you want to use. With young learners, activating that prior knowledge is crucial.

For example, if you introduce new vocabulary at the beginning of the school year, you might want to focus on school themes like classroom objects, seasons, and animals.

As students build more Spanish vocabulary, you could add Spanish sports words. These words could encourage students to learn more since some students may begin or already play sports in school. 

  • soccer = soccer
  • basketball = baloncesto
  • football = fútbol
  • baseball = béisbol
  • swimming = natación 
  • bicycling = ciclismo
  • volleyball = vóleibol
  • tennis = tenis
  • ping pong = ping pong
  • fishing = pesca
  • skateboarding = monopatín 
  • ice skating = patinaje sobre hielo
  • hockey = hockey
  • roller skating = patinaje sobre ruedas
  • skiing = esquí
  • water skiing = esquí acuático 

Whether you use an anchor chart or word wall, you could add other activities to review the words. For instance, engage your students to learn new vocabulary by revisiting a few words at a time.

In that way, your students will accomplish learning the words, and the exercise will motivate them to learn more terms. Also, keeping activities in short intervals allows success and prevents students from getting overwhelmed. 

Spanish sports vocabulary

Matching sport cards

Most of your students might collect sports cards or other gaming cards. Perhaps, they collect favorite players or teams. Similarly, you can use a game of matching sports cards.

However, in this case, you could use the Spanish sports vocabulary as an initiative to match the terms. For instance, you could have a soccer ball and various names for a sport like basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Then, your students would have to find the correct label for that sport. Your students would match the label soccer sport with the soccer ball. Hence, you could repeat this process with as many cards as you want. 

Practicing matching labels with pictures

In the same way that you use Spanish sports words as labels to match with sports items, you could a similar activity with pictures.

  • For instance, you could use photographs of teams playing sports in various situations.
  • Next, ask your students to match the words with the photos.
  • In this case, your students associate sports events with the term.
  • You could also use a smartboard or a projector to display large photographs of sports events.
  • Then, in this way, your whole class could participate in a fun game of matching. 

As mentioned before, these activities are best when done in short intervals of three to five minutes. Otherwise, the students become disengaged, or the class might lose focus on the learning aspect.

While learning in the classroom is just as important as learning at home, you might consider individual activities for homeschool students. 

Interactive games applying Spanish vocabulary

When student interaction might not be possible or individual instruction is best, you could use interactive activities to practice vocabulary. While there are many technological tools to help students learn Spanish words, applying these words would help them retain them better.

  • For example, the PBS Games for Kids in Spanish is a good start.
  • You could use a variety of games to practice terms.
  • Another interactive game is Grover’s Winter Games.
  • In this game, your students can accomplish various tasks based on winter sports.
  • Other interactive games include web activities that you can use on computers or tablets.
  • These Spanish games consist of students selecting multiple modes of vocabulary activities.
  • Some tasks include matching and sentence reading. 

Spanish sports vocabulary is a method for students to grasp more words. Within each term, your students correlate what they know.

Activate that prior knowledge of sports with learning activities that will enhance Spanish vocabulary. Many tasks can include short games like matching, fill-in-the-blanks, and interactive games. 

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.

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