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Spanish Summer Stories for Kids

Spanish summer stories are ideal ways to get bilingual readers to read. There are many bilingual stories to entertain children. You can select stories that inspire, motivate their curiosity, and dazzle the imagination.

Summer bilingual stories add another level of learning. With Spanish summer stories, bilingual readers can engage with the English-Spanish text, characters and have fun learning.

Spanish Summer Stories for Kids

In a relaxing way, Spanish summer stories help students stay motivated to read. One way is using bilingual text like Spanish fairy tales, pirates, or nature theme stories.

Pirates on a Treasure Hunt Bilingual Reading

The Pirates on a Treasure Hunt uses simple English and Spanish sentence structure. Along with the text, your bilingual readers also practice the verb SEE = VER.

While the English verb has a simple present tense, the Spanish verb tense differs. For example, each page displays different verb tenses in Spanish. You can highlight the various pronouns and the corresponding verb tenses.

Hansel and Gretel Bilingual Story

The bilingual story Hansel and Gretel is a classic English and Spanish tale. In this story, bilingual readers develop an understanding of the story elements on each page.

As you read the story aloud, show different ways to emphasize characters with dialogue and sequence of events.

Finding Bugs Bilingual Text

The Finding Bugs bilingual story shows how to use verb tenses and vocabulary. Summer can bring many activities outdoors.

Chasing after butterflies and ladybugs is a fun outdoor activity most children enjoy. As a result, they use that curiosity to enhance their Spanish learning.

For example, use the bilingual story to learn about insects, animal habitats, and seasons. You can also use the verb tense to develop a deeper learning of Spanish.

Avoid the Summer Slide

Spanish summer stories can also help your bilingual learners avoid the summer slide. The summer slide is the loss of learning during the summer.

Each year, children quickly forget reading habits or language skills learned during the school year. However, participating in a summer camp, summer challenge, or storytelling activities help children regain what they lost.

These activities are fun and engaging to motivate bilingual readers to read during the summer.

Enroll in the Free Bilingual Summer Reading Challenge to support bilingual students with fun stories and activities.

More Fun Spanish Summer Resources

Fun Online Games and Interactive Activities for Spanish Summer Stories

Many online games and interactive activities supplement the bilingual reading. For instance, the pirate letter interactive activity is an excellent supplement to the Spanish summer reading story – The Pirates on a Treasure Hunt.

Spanish Letter Treasure Hunt Interactive

The Spanish Letter Treasure Hunt activity applies letter identification practice, story sequence, and Spanish alphabet recognition. Of course, you can use a variety of activities to emphasize the story.

However, simple and quick activities can encourage bilingual learners to focus on relevant information. Then, you can add more in-depth activities.

Storytelling for Bilingual Readers

Spanish summer reading stories for kids are wonderful starters to learning Spanish. Bilingual readers can engage with the stories by reading aloud, watching videos, or listening to the audio.

Storytelling is the beginning of encouraging summer reading and preventing the summer slide.

The Spanish Adventure Class for Kids and the Spanish Summer Camp are ideal for your bilingual learner. Each class develops reading and language skills with fun stories and activities.

Enroll today to get started with fun summer learning.

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