Summer Reading Challenge Resources

Summer reading challenge resources encourage bilingual learners to read and participate in various reading programs. You can easily find many summer reading challenges at your local library and bookstores, from infants to teens.

However, summer reading may not be an easy task for bilingual learners. Sometimes, there are a limited amount of stories, books, or story-time activities.

Encourage your bilingual learner to read with these activities, stories, and resources.

Encouraging Children to Read Over the Summer

One of the most enjoyable activities to encourage children to read is rewards. Many children enjoy earning badges that they can you redeem for prizes.

Rewards, badges, and certificates of completion are excellent incentives to read. However, earning points or badges to claim prizes can take some work.

Where can you keep track of minutes, books, and activities? You could use several reading logs to monitor reading time.

For instance, you could use English-Spanish reading logs to write titles in both languages, including reading time and pages. Second, you can use fun coloring bookmarks to keep track of your reading.

There are several coloring bookmarks that you can color-in the book your read or time. The best part is that bilingual learners can customize these bookmarks.

For example, they can choose their favorite colors and stickers. Other fun ideas are using bingo cards as summer reading challenge resources to track individual reading.

Once bilingual learners complete a row or column of bingo, they can claim a prize. After that, you can continue to use the bingo cards to select other areas of reading, stories, or activities.

If you have more than one reader at home or in summer school, you can create different sets of reading logs.

The Spanish4Kiddos free Summer Bilingual Reading Challenge offers you five different ways to motivate bilingual readers to read over the summer. You receive tips, prizes, bookmarks, bingo cards, scavenger hunt checklists, and a free ebook.

Also, there will be exciting bilingual reading and activities on the Spanish4Kiddos online class page. Join today!

Monitor your Summer Reading with Beanstack

Besides reading logs or bingo cards, your local library may also use the Beanstack app or website to track your summer reading. Beanstack can easily keep track of your minutes, pages, and books.

You can also use Beanstack for your class or group if you’re teaching summer school. The Beanstack tracking method also is excellent for homeschool groups.

You can visit the Beanstack website to find out if your local library participates in a summer reading program through Beanstack.

  • For example, the Georgia Northeast Regional Library System (Clarkesville, Cornelia, Rabun, and Toccoa);
  • the Chicago Ridge Public Library, East Chicago Public Library, North Chicago Public Library, Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library;
  • New York Public Library;
  • Cedar Falls Public Library; and the
  • Santa Clara, LA County Library, City of Santa Clarita Public Library, San Jose Public Library, Santa Clara County Library District currently use Beanstack to track summer reading.

Summer Reading Challenges Tips

While summer break is a relaxing time, keeping up with summer reading can also be more flexible. Of course, you might not want to create rigorous summer reading times.

After all, children are on break and may not want to think about school. So, offer flexible suggestions for reading, such as fun storytimes at the local library, STEM projects at home, or listening to audiobooks.

If young bilingual readers are old enough, they can track the minutes or books they read. That way, you encourage reading and responsibilities.

Summer Reading Challenge Resources

What are fun ways to motivate children to select books or activities to read over the summer? There are many summer reading challenge resources for children of all ages.

Depending on your local area, some activities may vary. Also, remember that summer reading is a relaxing time to read at the beach, the park, the playground, or anywhere your children feel comfortable.

Summer Reading Challenge Public Library Resources

The Georgia Public Library Service offers summer reading for all ages. Aside from fun storytimes, they also provide no-cost meals and snacks for high-risk areas that need meals over the summer. Please check your local library or area for more detailed information.

The Chicago Public Library provides a section for kids’ book recommendations, event lists, online resources, and free homework help.

The New York Public Library serving the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island has the Summer at the Library theme. The summer reading program includes the Waves program for kids and teens. The program also consists of an online reading tracker, resources for families and educators, and a multilingual resources section.

The Rapid City Public Library has storytimes, prizes, and other fun events.

The Montgomery County Public Libraries has several summer reading challenges for various ages. The program includes Early Literacy for ages 0-5, Children 6-12, and Teens 13-17. The library also offers fun games and reading lists for the summer.

The Plano Public Library Summer Learning program includes the “Explore Plano Public Library and Discover Your World!” theme. Participants get a library passport to explore activities and reading, which they can claim for prizes.

The Pima County Public County Library Summer Learning program has events, free books, giveaways, grab-n-go activities, and story sketches.

The Cedar Falls Public Library has the “Read Beyond the Beaten Path” Summer Library program. The program includes events, crafts, reading activities, and storytimes.

The Santa Clara City Library also has the “Read Beyond the Beaten Path” Summer Library program. Participants use a game card to collect stories, events, reading, and claim prizes.

The Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative has the Dive into Summer Reading program for children of all ages. The program has fun in-person and virtual events such as author readings, story-times, and activities. Participants can also join the Reading with the Rays summer reading using their game card for exciting prizes.

Other Summer Reading Challenge Resources

  • Paths to Literacy – the organization includes programs and ideas for the blind and visually impaired along with categories like “Expand Core Curriculum”, explore outdoors, and summer camps.
  • Barnes and Noble – participants read their favorite stories and write about them in the Barnes and Noble reading journal. Read eight books and get a free book at participating stores.
  • Scholastic Summer Reading Home Base – participants can enjoy reading fun stories and tracking their progress using the Scholastic Home Base program. You can also get a free summer reading activity booklet.
  • Chuck E. Cheese Rewards Reading Program in English and Spanish – participants can track their reading using the Chuck E. Cheese calendar and claim prizes at participating stores.

In summary, many summer reading challenge resources can help your children with summer reading. Your bilingual readers will enjoy picking up a book or two to read, from fun story-time activities to local library events. Summer reading can be an exciting time for children to read new stories and enjoy the summer.

Join the Spanish4Kiddos summer bilingual reading challenge, a five-week free program to encourage bilingual readers to read in English and Spanish.

The challenge includes free bingo cards, bookmarks, printables, virtual online classes, and more. Join the summer fun today!

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