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How to Leave a Review

For Items in the Shop

  • Go to the Shop main store page > Spanish4Kiddos Shop
  • Select the item(s) you purchased that you want to review
  • For example, for the Free Spanish Class for Kids, click on the item
  • Then, click on the Review tab
  • If you already signed up, login to your account > My Account
  • If you have not signed up, create a new account
  • Rate and write your review

For Courses

  • Go to the Courses main page > Spanish4Kiddos Courses
  • Select the course you want to leave a review
  • For example, for the Free Spanish Class for Kids, click on the class
  • Select the Review tab and write your feedback
  • Or, once you complete the course, you can select leave a review. 
  • A pop-up window shows up to rate the course
  • Your review will show in the Review section of that course

Use the Slider to view the slideshow for each step

For Memberships

  • Go the Pricing main page > Spanish4Kiddos Memberships
  • Scroll past the membership chart
  • Rate the membership level and write a brief review
  • Select “This review is based on my own experience and is my genuine opinion.”
  • Click on the Submit Your Review
  • Please indicate your membership level

Also, you can select the item, course, or membership from your account at any time. 

I truly value your opinion and feedback. Thank you for taking a moment to leave a review. 

Please know that all reviews are carefully considered, no matter if it’s a small phrase or big statement.