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How to Sign Up for Virtual Tutoring

There are several ways that you can sign up for virtual tutoring.

1). Visit the Spanish4Kiddos shop > Select Virtual Tutoring for Bilingual Students

  • Then, select how many hours you’d like to schedule. 
  • After your order is complete, Barbara will personally send you an email to schedule a virtual tutoring session. 
  • If you would like information about virtual tutoring, you can fill out the form. 

2). Visit the Membership pricing area > Select the Thriving Bloom membership

  • This annual membership gives you 2 individual hours of virtual tutoring to schedule at your convenience. 

3). Visit the Courses area > Select any course available

  • When you enroll in a course or class, you get one-hour of virtual tutoring. 

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to reach Barbara. Or, send her an email at barbara(at)spanish4kiddos(dot)com