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Quick Start Guide

In this Quick Start Guide, you’ll learn specific sections that can you navigate through Spanish4Kiddos. 

How do I place an order?

  • To place an order, visit the Shop section.
  • A Product Categories subsection can help you narrow down specific items.
  • You can also filter items by price.
  • Members to Spanish4Kiddos receive exclusive discounts, including sale items.
  • You can also get 20% discount when you sign up for the newsletter. 

How do I sign up for a newsletter?

  • To sign up for a newsletter, decide if you need the PreK or K-1 newsletter. 
  • Subscribers to the PreK newsletter receive a free Spanish Nursery Rhymes workbook to get started learning basic Spanish rhymes. 
  • Subscribers to the K-2 newsletter receive a free Spanish Sight Words workbook to begin with learning Spanish sight words with fun activities. 
  • All emails delivered by Active Campaign email platform. 

Where can I get quick information?

You can visit the Spanish Welcome page to view specific areas to the shop, courses, blogs, membership, social media, and podcast. 

How can I get 20% discount to try products from Spanish4Kiddos?

You can go to the 20% discount section to receive your special promo code. The promo code is good for any Spanish4Kiddos products in the shop, excluding memberships. 

How do I read the blog posts?

  • There are blog posts available for non-members and members to Spanish4Kiddos.
  • Exclusive content or blog posts available for members includes in-depth articles, videos, exclusive printables, and teaching strategies.
  • You can become a Little Seedling member for a one-time fee to access blog posts, printables, and more. Learn more here