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How to Start a Free Trial

To start a Free Trial membership, visit the Membership pricing information page. 

1). Click on Start Your Free Trial Today > Go to Membership Checkout > Fill out your information > Submit and Confirm 

  • For safety, we ask for personal information.
  • There is no cost and we don’t ask for a credit card.
  • This way also allows you to create an account so that you can keep track of your days. 
  • Membership expires 7 days from the day you start. 

2). Next, you’ll receive an email confirmation about your Free Trial with a link to the How to Learn Spanish in Simple Steps

Check your email for an email confirmation with important information how to receive your free downloads:

3). Sign up to receive daily free downloads 

  • Each day, a new section opens up for you to browse and download free printables. 

4). Check your email often so that you don’t miss any free printables

5). Browse through the Free Worksheets section and Bilingual Reading section for more free printables.