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Spanish Holiday Resources Ultimate Guide

Spanish holiday resources ultimate guide offers a collection of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday sources. While many sources are available, figuring out bilingual ones may take work.

In this guide, you can find English-Spanish resources for these fall and winter holidays for your lessons, activities, or general planning. 

Table of Contents:

Spanish Holiday Resources: Halloween

Halloween does not have to be a scary time of the season. Many times, it can mark the beginning of the fall season. As the leaves change color and the weather becomes chilly, take the opportunity to begin with new lessons or introduce Halloween themes. 

Although you might not celebrate Halloween, use other fall-theme ideas like pumpkins, acorns, or fall leaves. With these items, you can create various types of lessons or activities. 

The Halloween Bilingual Resources contains several fun bilingual ideas. For instance, you can use the blog posts for tips and lesson ideas.

The Halloween Pumpkins Bilingual Reading describes various ways you use Halloween items in bingo or matching games. Besides, you can quickly adapt these ideas for vocabulary and other refresher words in English and Spanish. Also, use the Halloween Vocabulary Game from Study Stack to engage bilingual students in a fun virtual game of matching or unscrambling.

Other fun ideas include using the bilingual text of Halloween Counting Story, the Halloween Number Printables, or the Halloween Color-by-Number Printables. The bilingual counting story is a fun way to introduce numbers in English and Spanish or use it as a review text.

Moreover, you can use videos of read-aloud stories to reinforce bilingual reading. For instance, the Halloween Bilingual read-aloud video entails a short English-Spanish story with fun activities.

At the end of the story, you can use the beginning syllable activity or use it as a vocabulary activity.  

Useful Resources for Fall or Halloween:

Thanksgiving Spanish Holiday Resources 

Gobble, gobble! There are many Thanksgiving Spanish holiday resources to help with lesson planning. Thanksgiving is a great time to motivate bilingual students to think about friendship, kindness, and thankful moments. 

The Thanksgiving Bilingual Resources include blog post ideas, tips, games, free printables, and videos. The Thanksgiving Bilingual Story and Resources provides ways to use Thanksgiving as a fun learning theme.

For example, you can use the hands-on activity to develop language skills like letter identification, colors, bilingual words, and sight words. Other valuable ideas include reading passages in bilingual stories or learning context clues.

Add fun games of matching, puzzles, or fill-in-the-blanks to reinforce English and Spanish Thanksgiving words. Furthermore, you can incorporate math concepts too. Use number sense, measurement, graphing, or counting of acorns, feathers, or pumpkins.

See the Thanksgiving collection for more ideas, like Thanksgiving Bilingual Story for Read Aloud or Bilingual Thanksgiving Learning Activities. 

Useful Resources for Thanksgiving:

Spanish Holiday Resources for Christmas and Las Posadas

End the year with fun holiday resources for Christmas or Las Posadas. Holidays like Christmas or Las Posadas are ideal ways to end the year since you can use various activities and stories.

For instance, if you celebrate these holidays, you can use the month of December as a holiday theme. Then, you can use activities like matching, reading, math, or crafts to supplement other topics.

A few examples are Spanish Winter Learning Activities and Holiday Bilingual Reading Activities and Stories blog posts. However, if you don’t celebrate Christmas or Las Posadas, you can still discuss holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. You can even discuss holidays around the world too.

For other non-traditional themes for this month, you could use snowmen, gingerbread, or little penguins. Add these objects to your lessons as part of a December or winter theme to create fun activities, games, and printables. The Bilingual Holiday Challenge Playlist on YouTube has plenty of ideas that you can use for this theme. 

Useful Resources for Winter:

Use the Latest Freebies section for each holiday or topic. Select the corresponding slide that you want to view. Then, pick the free resources you’d like or read more about. You can also find more information on the Spanish4Kiddos blog or the S4K Library App

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